About Us


    Providing transportation service, to support further the educational process: Visalia Unified School district calls upon the greatest concentration of school pupil transportation professionals, to protect our most precious resource, [Our Children]. 

    Our foundation: Safety, Effectiveness and Efficiency [S.E.E. 1]. Accomplished through Strength, Empowerment and Enrichment of our staff [S.E.E. 2]. “Transportation Nation” will continue placing the protection and guardianship of VUSD students and staff, at the front-line of the quality of service provided by our department. With a driven and determined approach; constantly and vigilantly seeking the “Undefeated Season.” A season in which service is provided with no driver- at fault accidents.

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    Contact Information:

    Vicki Wingfield    Director Administrative Services, Transportation                            730-7856

    Becky Shaw     Supervisor Administrative Services, Transportation                            730-7593

    Debbie Thalman  Supervisor Administrative Services, Transportation                       730-7593


    Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance
    Vicki Wingfield  Director Administrative Services, Transportation                            730-7856
    Brent Stewart   Supervisor Administrative Services, Transportation                     730-7595