About Our School

  • Miner Students and Families,
    It is my great pleasure to greet you as the principal of El Diamante High School! The Miner team of teachers, administrators, coaches and staff are truly a talented, caring and committed group of individuals who work hard to ensure that our Miner students are ready for a lifetime of success.
    The four years of high school are a fun, special and exciting time—a place where memories of a lifetime will be made. Students are making their final preparations to launch into the world of college and careers. During high school, students become more aware of who they are and begin to identify specific values and interests that will be important to them for a lifetime. It is the task of the high school to challenge all students to achieve, and to provide opportunities to grow in a positive direction both academically and through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like clubs, leadership, athletics, drama, band and academic competition teams.
    We believe that one’s success in high school will, for most students, drive their success for a lifetime and the entire staff at El Diamante High School takes this idea very seriously. We strive to support students in becoming academically and personally sound individuals who are ready to face the challenges of college or career with confidence and success. We want to help them grow to become positive, contributing members of their current and future community who know to treat one another with kindness and who understand that the diversity of talents, strengths and backgrounds that we bring collectively make our school and community strong.
    High school offers many opportunities for parents to be involved with their children’s education and I encourage you to become an active part of the fantastic Miner community, whether it be through joining PTSA, Miner Foundation or other booster groups, attending games, shows and events or simply being diligent in monitoring your child’s progress and communicating with teachers to promote high levels of success. Without a doubt, the support of our parents and community are an important key to our record of success.
    I look forward to working with you and celebrating many successes throughout the school year.
    Jeff Hohne