Student Services

  • Request for a Schedule Change Process

    A vast amount of time and energy goes into ensuring that class sizes are balanced, and that students are properly placed into classes. Therefore, a request for a teacher change, period change or elective changes cannot me accommodated due to the impact it makes on class sizes. 


    Grades 9 – 11 must have a 6-period day.

    Seniors can request a reduced schedule (less

    than 6 periods) if they are on track to graduate, have 180 credits, attendance is on track and have at least a 2.0 GPA.

    • Complete the “Request for Special Schedule” form (email your LD)
    • Parent signature is required

    A Request for schedule changes are only for the following reasons:

    1. To correct a schedule conflict,

    2. To complete an incomplete schedule, or

    3. To correct an error due to a failure to pass a class, OR to correct an error because you are in a class you've already passed

    4. To act upon teacher recommendation regarding student placement

    Students seeking schedule changes need to email their Learning Director or text via REMIND messaging. Please allow 48 hours time to process all requests. The LAST DAY TO REQUEST A SCHEDULE CHANGE IS AUGUST 28. Thank you for your patience.

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