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  • Nicole Bitney

    El Diamante English Teacher


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    As an original Miner at EDHS, this is my 26th year teaching for Visalia Unified School District. Keeping with the spirit of miners, I strive to instill the positive aspects of the California gold miners in my students. The first miners had a passion for success that drove them to achieve a better way of life. I expect my students to strive to achieve the best education they can receive. My early teaching experiences as an elementary and middle school teacher have helped me develop meaningful lessons for high school students; knowing the expectations, standards, and ability levels for the primary grades has been useful in lesson preparation for high school. My experience as a Master Teacher and serving on the District Curriculum Team also guides me as I form lessons that will ensure preparation for students' future classes and college entry.
    Welcome to my pages! I hope you find them informational and inspiring.