District Classification Study

  • You may know we are conducting a classification study of classified positions for Visalia Unified School District. The study will result in recommendations to the Board for the appropriate classification for each position. There are eight major parts of the study:
    1. Meetings with key personnel to initiate the study.
    2. Meetings with employees to explain the purpose of the study and to distribute position information questionnaires.
    3. Interviews of a selected number of employees in each classification.
    4. Presentation of preliminary classifications and assignment of positions to classifications.
    5. Finalization of classification recommendations.
    6. Internal relationships.
    7. Salary survey.
    8. Presentation of final report.
    Having completed the first step, we are now ready to begin the questionnaire phase of the study. We need your help in completing the questionnaire found at the bottom of this page. The information you provide in this questionnaire will be used as a primary input for assuring that your position is properly classified. It is vitally important that we receive accurate information from you about the content of your position. Please print and complete the form as carefully and thoroughly as you can.

    We recognize that the form asks a great deal of information. Hopefully you can understand why this is needed. It usually takes two to three hours to complete the questionnaire. This time should be spent during regular working hours (when possible). While the questionnaire is self-explanatory, there are a few helpful hints we can share which may be useful.
    1. Please read all the questions carefully at least once and think about how you want to structure your answers. Most people take about two days to think about their answers. Then complete the form as best you can, using your best handwriting.
    2. Before submitting the form to your supervisor for review, we suggest that you set it aside for a day. Then, review it again carefully, sign it, and give it to your supervisor for review.
    3. If additional space is required, please use as many supplementary sheets as you need.
    To stay on schedule, we ask that you present the completed form to your immediate supervisor no later than November 5, 2014. Supervisors are requested to review the questionnaire, discuss any significant revisions with you and forward it to the Human Resources Department by noon of November 12, 2014. The importance of these dates is critical given the study deadline.

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