About VUSD

  • Nestled close to the majestic Sierra mountains in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley, the Visalia Unified School District is committed to providing students young and old with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in life.

    Established in 1885, VUSD is the oldest school district in Tulare County.  Our services span 214 square miles with a population base of over 135,000.  Our family of schools includes 26 elementary schools, a newcomer language center, five middle schools, four comprehensive high schools, a continuation high school, an adult school,a charter independent study school, a K-8 charter home school, and a charter technical early college high school.  Over 32,000 students Pre-K to adult are served through Visalia Unified School District.

    Our outstanding workforce is comprised of 3,000 certificated and classified staff.  They make our district the jewel of the Central Valley.  Our district motto is "WE CREATE FUTURES".

    Interesting facts:

    • Actual Daily Attendance rate over 97%
    • 4,200 students served in afterschool programs in K-8
    • 92% of all HS students are enrolled in three or more college prep. courses
    • Our buses drive over 1,000,000 miles each year
    • Our custodial crews clean the equivalent of twenty-five hundred (2,500) 1,500 sq. ft. homes each day
    • We serve over four million meals each year