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Local Assessments


(Frequently Asked Questions)

We will attempt to document on this page the various questions that have been presented related to assessments.

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When is the DRA administered?

The DRA is administered to grades K-1 during all three trimesters, but is administered to grades 2-3 only during the first trimester. Sites also require local administration of the assessment. SEE WHEN IT'S ADMINISTERED DISTRICT-WIDE


Goes into the K-8 Assessment Portfolio at the end of the year?

The Portfolio is comprised of performance-based assessment tasks and results where information, if stored only electronically, would not provide individuals with specific information on student strengths and weaknesses. Items remain and are removed from the Portfolio during the students' early years of schooling according to the K-8 Assessment Portfolio Protocol. Information related to mathematics is stored electronically only. there is no Portfolio content for mathematics.

BENCHMARK What are the cut points? Currently cut points for grades K-6 vary depending on the measure. Cut point categories reflect benchmarks, smaller tests, and report cards. The method of establishing cut points for benchmarks was implemented in 2009 administration of district End of Year (EOY) tests. An explanation of the method used is available.