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Foggy Day Schedule

   In accordance with the Vehicle Code Section 34501.6, Visalia Unified School District school buses shall not operate when atmospheric conditions reduce visibility to 200 feet or less.  In determining a foggy day transportation schedule, the following procedure shall be used:  Foggy day transportation scheduling will be implemented when visibility is less than 300 feet in two or more of Visalia Unified School District's elementary school attendance areas.   Media will announce foggy day transportation scheduling for the Visalia Unified School District by  indicating one of the plans listed below, using only the letter designation, such as Plan "A". Parents and students should be familiar with these plans. Parents are urged to use caution in determining how conditions affect their student's method of getting to and from school. Parents may opt to send pre-kindergarten -12th grade students after the fog has lifted, causing them to be late to school. These students will not be penalized for being tardy or absent if an excuse is provided in writing or by telephone. 


1. Bus transportation will be delayed by two (2) hours.

2. Classes will start on regular schedule.

3. Changes, if necessary, will be announced at approximately 8:30 AM.


1. All morning bus routes to school will be canceled.

2. Classes will start on the regular schedule.

3. Buses will be dispatched on all "school-to-home" routes on the regular day schedule.  

J. Inclement Weather Procedures

 School buses, charter buses and district vehicles SHALL NOT operate when atmospheric conditions (fog, wind, rain, etc.) reduce visibility to 200 feet or less. When the V.U.S.D. transportation department determines that visibility may be reduced to less than 200 feet, the trip will be canceled.   While on the activity or athletic event, the driver is to continually monitor the weather conditions. When visibility becomes reduced, the driver shall communicate with their supervisor/coach/ teacher on the status of weather conditions. If the driver determines (after conferring with their supervisor) an earlier return is required, the coach or teacher will be notified of the revised time.  If at any time while in route the visibility is reduced to 200 feet or less, the driver shall find the nearest available lighted area so as to pull the bus or vehicle off the roadway and away from traffic. Drivers SHALL NOT stop on the shoulder of any highway under these conditions except for an emergency. 

TV Channel 24, 26 or 30, Plan A, or B, will be posted on the VUSD website and Parent Link app or call (559) 730- 7594 for a recorded message.