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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Survey

As a part of our commitment to creating more inclusive and equitable learning environments, all 6-12 grade students will participate in a short survey intended to gather valuable student perception data on diversity, equity, and inclusion in school. Student's voice is a powerful indicator of how schools are doing on the journey to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments. Without it, we cannot truly benchmark our progress toward ensuring that every student feels included and equipped to succeed in school. All students who agree to participate will complete the 10-minute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey, which will be administered during the instructional day. The survey will be administered to students between February 16-25, 2021. A copy of the survey questions can be viewed at the bottom of this page or by clicking this link

By asking students to reflect on their experiences of equity and inclusion in school, we can gather actionable data to understand and improve the racial and cultural climate on campus. This survey provides schools and districts with a clear picture of how students are thinking and feeling about these critical topics. The survey is intended to help schools and districts track the progress of equity initiatives through the lens of the student, identify areas for celebration and improvement, and signal the importance of equity and inclusion to the community. 

Your child does not have to participate. Participation in the survey is voluntary, and opting out will not impact your child's academic status or access to services. If you do not want your child to participate in the survey, simply reply using this short online form by Friday, February 12th and let your child know not to complete it. We will also communicate with the school site administration and the student's teacher of the request to opt-out. Note: you will need to complete a separate form for each student.

Before taking the survey, teachers will also read a notice that lets the students know that their participation is voluntary and that opting out will in no way impact their standing at school. All information collected will be kept confidential in accordance with FERPA privacy guidelines. You may request a copy of your child's survey results by directly contacting your student's school office. 

The school administration at your child's school will receive the results of the survey. If your child responds to the survey in a way that indicates social or emotional challenges, designated school staff will reach out to offer support. Part of this support will be identifying if your child would be interested in and/or benefit from additional support services to help their progress as an important and engaged member of our school community. You will be informed before any further interventions or services are conducted or implemented. 

If you have additional questions about the survey, please contact our Equity and Student Services Department at 559-730-7588