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(including Health, Family Life Education, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Ed. Code Sections 51240, 51550, 51820))

The parent/guardian has the right to exempt his or her child from instruction in health, family life education, sex education, and sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS), educational instruction whenever any part of that instruction conflicts with religious training, beliefs, or personal moral convictions.

The parent/guardian shall be notified in writing when the pupil is offered instruction in sexually transmitted diseases or sex education at least fifteen days prior to commencement of instruction. The parent/guardian has the right to inspect the course materials and the right to request in writing that his or her child not attend the class. The written request is valid only for the school year submitted. Notice will not be given if a description or illustration of the human reproductive organs appears in a text in science or health courses when the texts have been adopted pursuant to law.


Whenever any part of the instruction in health, family life or sex education conflicts with religious training and beliefs or personal moral convictions of the parent or guardian, the student shall be excused from that part of the instruction upon written parental request (E.C. 51240).