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Rights of Parents and Children


This information provides you as parents, legal guardians, and surrogate parents of children with disabilities from 3 years of age through age 21 with an overview of your educational rights, sometimes called procedural safeguards. This notice is also provided for students who are entitled to these rights at age 18. (20 USC 1415; EC 56321) A copy of these safeguards will be given to you once a year. Additional copies may be given upon an initial referral or parent request for evaluation, upon the first occurrence of the filing of a complaint under Section 615(b) (6) of H.R. 1350, upon provision of an assessment plan to parents and at your request. You may elect to receive this notice and other notices required under this section by an electronic mail (e-mail) communication.

Procedural Safeguards and Parent Rights - English

Electronic Copy - English

Procedural Safeguards and Parent Rights - Spanish

Electronic Copy - Spanish