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Juan R. Guerrero



 Board President
Trustee Area 2
Elected: 11/2001, 11/2005, 11/2013, 11/2018 
Term Ends: 12/09/2022 

Juan R. Guerrero and his wife Stella have resided in Visalia for over 35 years. His three children attended Visalia public schools. He has five grandchildren and two great grandchildren whom he enjoys spending a lot of time with. One of his five grandchildren attends Valley Oak Middle School and another attends Golden West High School. His other grandchildren graduated from Golden West High School.  Mr. Guerrero has enjoyed watching his children and grandchildren flourish as students in the Visalia Unified School District.


Mr. Guerrero served on the Visalia Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2009, and he served as school Board president from 2007 to 2009 and again in 2015. He appreciates the opportunity to serve.


Mr. Guerrero spent more than 39 years overseeing federal, state and county job training programs for youth and adults including two youth centers, and multiple after-school programs and youth job training programs in Tulare County. He has been a part of numerous community organizations and committees that focus on the needs of children. He has many collaborative relationships in the community which allow him to advocate for the educational needs of children. He is devoted to creating and maintaining positive outlets for children so that they may strive for success.


Mr. Guerrero is honored to serve the students and families of Visalia Unified and always seeks out ways to create positive change in our district.