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Homework Policy--We Value Family Time!

Homework Policy--We Value Family Time!


Dear Golden Eagle Parents,

After much research, Annie R. Mitchell continues to move forward in 21st Century learning, now in the area of homework. All homework for the year will be focused on Literacy. The expectation from all staff is that your child will read each night. Kindergarteners will have a book bag to read aloud to you.

Teachers will continue to send home a weekly report to keep you informed of progress and classwork samples. Should you desire additional work for your child to do at home, please see our website for a link to our curriculum and extension activities.

Research shows that homework really is more beneficial for older students after 7th grade. As we change our way of teaching in class, students need more time to decompress and spend time with their families. Use your evenings to make memories and allow children to play and discover. Ask them to show you what they are learning each day. Teach them how to read recipes, change the oil on your car, play an instrument, and explore outside.

Below is an excerpt from Forbes Magazine on the qualities that employers want.


Susan Adams ,  FORBES STAFF  November, 2014

I write about entrepreneurs, small business owners & what drives them 

“Can you work well on a team, make decisions and solve problems? Those are the skills employers most want when they are deciding which new college graduates to hire. The next-most-important skill: ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization. Employers also want new hires to have technical knowledge related to the job, but that’s not nearly as important as good teamwork, decision-making and communication skills, and the ability to plan and prioritize work.”


Please provide a quiet place to read books. You can celebrate their progress by using the Accelerated Reader application “Home Connect” and support us in this literacy adventure. This change should also provide you with time to enjoy family activities. We look forward to a great year working with your children, and preparing them for the future.

Mrs. Bryant, and the Golden Eagle Staff