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Social Media Dangers and Age Limits

Parents Unaware Of Minimum Age Rules On Social Media, So Here They Are For Facebook, Instagram And Snapchat


Dangers of Social Media - Cyber Bullying #5


MOMO Challenge


Suicide and Social Media


Students who are under the age of 13 and who have social media issues related to harassment will be referred to parents.  Parent will be encourage to consult the police department.  While we will handle issues arising on campus that we are made aware of, we ask that parents help by closely monitoring social media use. Snap chat seems to be the most comely used app and is problematic because messages disappear quickly.  We suggest you install mirroring applications so you see what your child is doing and any threats they see. PARENTAL CONTROL TOOLS Cell phone plan carriers – Typically mobile carriers (A T&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) provide parental control options that can limit the amount of time spent on social media, what platforms teens can access, and what hours they can be online.


We appreciate your help and support with this matter.