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Charger Café

GAMS Charger Cafeteria News:

Breakfast and Lunch is "Free of Charge- one meal allowed per each student, each meal session.

Breakfast will be served before school & at the AM Break. Lunch will be served at your assign time.


Attention: To all 7th and 8th grade Students: Student Lunch Workers are greatly Needed and Appreciated in the Charger Cafe (cafeteria) at both Lunch Meal times!

*Requirements to be a Student Worker- Approval from your parents and all your teachers; Good Attendance.

*Benefits of volunteering in the cafeteria-$2.00 credit to purchase extra food snacks items or drinks; Its a Fun work experience.

Please ask the Cafeteria Staff for more if information. We Appreciate You very much.


Some cafeteria tips for faster service:

a. Memorize your student ID number for lunch—DO NOT SHARE IT!!

b. When you finish eating, clean up your trash and place plastic bottles & aluminum cans in green recycling containers.

c. Students will be dismissed by tables when their trash and table are completely clean.

d. No food will be allowed in the picnic area or anywhere on the main campus.

e. Ala Carte food items are sold in the snack lines.

f. Express line at the Murphy Center is only for Combos Lunch, hot foods, salads and sandwiches. No a ’la cart!