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Volunteer Application

Chaperone Application

We now can bring parent volunteers on to campus.

Below are the steps an individual must take to volunteer within VUSD (This process is for volunteers that will be with teachers and staff throughout the day, those that might be alone with students will ahve additonal steps)
1.    Attend a site orientation with administrator.
2.    Complete a volunteer application (see attached or LJMS Website).
3.    Return the application to site office.
a.    The application must include proof of TB negative test or a TB assessment.
b.    VUSD school nurses may help with this process if necessary.
1.    Site administrator will check NSOPW website (Megan’s Law).
2.    Site administrator will sign application and check “cleared” status.
3.    Site administrator or designee will scan complete application to HRD for record-keeping purposes.
4.    Volunteer must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours each time he/she volunteers.  If a volunteer does not have access to testing, VUSD will provide access at designated locations.
5.    Per COVID safety protocols, a volunteer may only volunteer in one classroom  per day.
6.    Site will document the classroom number where the volunteer will be serving for contact tracing purposes.

Thank you