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FAFSA/Dream Act Workshop January 26th

Redwood HS FAFSA/Dream Act Workshop

Thursday, January 26th from 5pm-7:30pm in the Redwood Library.


FSA ID Handout

Financial Aid Presentation

Financial Aid Presentation - Spanish 

How to fill out the FAFSA

Please launch your FAFSA or Dream ACT application through your account. The link is provided below to launch the application.

Please keep in mind that even if you believe you will not qualify for financial assistance, the FAFSA is often required in order for you to complete certain scholarships. Your FAFSA information will be sent to the college that you decide to attend in the Fall. You must be sure to list the correct college school code when applying for FAFSA.

COS has provided step-by-step instructional videos as well as handouts that can be printed out to assist you in starting/completing your FAFSA application. It is recommended to get as far as you can on the application, prior to attending the workshop. Please click on the following link to access the COS instructional videos. Aid/Pages/FAFSA- and-Dream-Act-Support.aspx

To learn more about Financial Aid opportunities, visit For questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact your counselor.


Creating FSA ID for FAFSA only
Step 1: Step 2: Click on the box “Create an Account”
Step 3: Click on Blue Box “Get Started”
Step 4: Personal Information

First Name Middle Initial Last Name

(Type in name exactly as it appears on your Social Security Card. If you have a hyphen between your two last names, you must type both last names under “Last Name”. If you don’t have a hyphen in between two last names, the first last name goes under “Middle Initial” and the second last name goes under “Last Name”.)

Date of Birth: / /
Social Security Number ____-____-_______
Step 5: Account Information
(Use a personal E-mail address. If you do not have one, you need to create one. DO NOT use your school E-mail.) Password:
(8-30 characters, must include upper case, lower case, special character, number(s))

Step 6: Contact Information - Check your E-mail + Username + Password Home Address: STREET APT #
Mobile Phone #: ( ) -

(Your phone number can be used to reset username or password for FSA ID)

Step 7: Challenge Questions
Set and answer the 4 Security Questions. Write down your 4 answers below:
Step 8: Review Screen: Check all answers and Check box ... “I certify...”
Step 9: Verify your phone number. A code will be sent to your phone number. Type it in and “verify”
Step 10: Verify your E-mail address. A code will be sent to your E-mail that you provided. Type in the code from the E-mail and “verify”.

Remember that you only create an FSA ID if you a have Social Security Number (SSN). Students with DACA SSN need to complete a Dream Act Application. Only one of your parents needs to create an FSA ID as well if they have a Social Security Number. If your parents don’t have an SSN, they will sign your FAFSA with a printed-out signature page.