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Announcements from the Redwood Counseling Department

Students and Parents,


Below are resources and important information regarding mental wellness, AP Exams, Registration, COS/Dual Enrollment, and financial aid. 


  • Learning Resources/Meals
    2. Check your email and Google Classrooms for Enrichment activities from your teachers


  • Grades
    1. Log-in to PowerSchool to check your current grades as well as any missing assignments.
    2. If you need help with contacting your teachers, please email or call your Redwood counselor. (Contact Information listed below).


  • Mental Wellness Resources
    1. PHONE: 1-800-320-1616
    2. TEXT: Text MHA to 741741
    3. EMERGENCY: CALL 911
    1. Great website for coping with Anxiety during this time
    2. Great website for tools to deal with all of your emotions during this time
    3. Crisis Hotline



  • College/Career Activities
    1. Take Career Surveys
    2. Research and Save Careers to your Profile
    3. Research Majors
    4. Research and save Colleges to your Profile
    2. Take a Virtual Tour of colleges across the country


  • COS
    1. Check your email from Mrs. Barba-Tepper sent on April 21st.
    2. Deadline to Email Redwood Counselor is Friday, April 24th for Concurrent Registration for Summer/Fall 2020.
    3. Current Concurrent Students: Please continue to check your email as well as your COS email for updates from your instructors.



  • AP
    1. Exams will now be administered online on two dates: one in May and one at a later time to be announced by CollegeBoard. Follow @APforStudents on Twitter for updates and resources.
    2. Online resources from College Board beginning March 25, 2020
    3. AP Teacher Info: Continue to check-in with your AP teachers via email and check your Google Classrooms
    4. Exams are not required and can be cancelled at no charge. Please email your Redwood counselor with any questions regarding AP exam cancellations.
    5. If you have not received an email from CollegeBoard, please update your AP Profile through your CollegeBoard account.
    6. Redwood AP Exam Schedule here:


  • College/Financial Aid for Seniors
    1. Check your college portals for updates and requests for documents. Please note, many college office staff are working remotely and offering support via phone or email to answer questions.
    2. Apply for Financial Aid if you have not already done so. Please refer to this checklist for what you will need to apply.
    3. Create your Cal Grant Account and confirm your school of attendance at WebGrants for Students. Please note, the district uploads all gpa’s to the State.
    4. Apply for Scholarships



  • Stay Connected with us
    1. Counselors are available to answer questions via email.
    2. Follow Ms. Zarco on Twitter for links to resources: @CounselorZarco
    3. Seniors let’s celebrate college acceptances on Twitter with #Rangers2020




Redwood Counselor NAME




Veronica Zarco


(559) 429-8348

Angelica Jauregui


(559) 667-4575

Luis Matta


(559) 697-3025

Daisy Molina


(559) 471-0768

Sonia Torres


(559) 471-0139

Calvin Cole


(559) 667-4229