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Visalia Unified Forward 2023

A Community-Driven Blueprint for the Future

Visalia Unified Forward 2030:  A Community-Driven Blueprint for the Future is our all-encompassing plan for how we support our students, families, community, and staff.  This site will serve as the communications page for all plans which fall under Visalia Unified Forward 2030.

Listed below are our community listening sessions. Listening sessions are occurring at multiple locations at varying times and in English and Spanish. Sessions will take no more than an hour and will provide food and childcare for individuals who need it. All you need to bring are your thoughts and ideas to help shape the future of our district.

Why Visalia Unified Forward 2030?

A strategic plan provides the district and community with clear direction on how and when we will meet our goals.  It is the map for the work we do to build systems and structures to ensure each and every student has every opportunity to learn at high levels.

During the superintendent search, the community identified the need for clear mission, vision, and goals.  We heard you and are now in the process of developing Visalia Unified Forward 2030.  







What does Visalia Unified Forward 2030 include?

Visalia Unified Forward 2030 is the umbrella for two plans which will be simultaneously developed - Strategic and Facility Master Plans.  Any plans we develop from this point on are being developed through Visalia Unified Forward 2030.  




Who will be a part of designing these new plans?

Visalia Unified Forward 2030 is a community-driven blueprint for the future.  We value everyone's voice and we will have opportunities for all stakeholders to engage in both the Strategic and Facilities Master plans including:

  • Community Meetings at each feeder, Goshen, and Ivanhoe
  • Outreach to places of worship, community clubs, etc.
  • Student, parent, and staff advisories
  • Specific stakeholder interviews
  • Surveys

In addition to the engagements above, we will have a diverse work team which includes:

  • Community Leaders
  • Non-Teaching Staff (Classified)
  • Teachers
  • Labor Partners (Unions)
  • Site and District Leaders

Listening Sessions and Data Collection

We are currently in the process of gathering data through:

  • Listening Sessions - Focus groups who will meet in person for 1 hour to give feedback on six key questions (Future Calendar Link Here).
  • Community Survey - Everyone is encouraged to take our community survey which can be found here.

At the end of the data gathering cycle, August 31, 2023, we will be sharing the data with the community in various mediums including:

  • Here on this web page
  • Social media
  • Regional listening sessions
  • Board meetings